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In an economy where the only certainty is uncertainty, the one sure source of lasting advantage is knowledge.

Ikujiro Nonaka


The sweet spot where organizational hierarchies & networks intersect.

The rapid growth of the network society and new enablers of innovation and change stimulated by the World Wide Web don't just provide new opportunities for growth but demand a critical edge to thinking and strategy development.

InterCog engages in, and advises projects, organizations, and leaders that aim to have a transformative impact upon learning, the creation and management of knowledge and knowledge services, and the leveraging of knowledge to achieve competitive advantage. 

InterCog provides consulting services to government agencies, educational institutions, international consortia, and corporations.

e-Learning, e-Knowlege, e-Research, e-Skills ... in fact, all things "e", bring new potential and capacities. But they also bring with them the need for ongoing organizational re-alignment and new modes of agile communications. These are key challenges for today's business and educational leaders.

Discerning, developing, and deriving value from innovations in e-infrastructure requires strategic management in connecting and balancing people, ideas and technology. Getting the balance right creates the conditions for a rich harvest – a revolution in the sharing of knowledge.


The InterCog Sense-Making Model

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